Tandem flights with BoraBora Paragliding

Experience outstanding sensations during a tandem flight over Bora Bora island with a professional pilot.

Enjoy great aerial view of Bora Bora island. An activity for all. Anyone can fly with us. No need to be a very athletic to enjoy the pleasure of a Tandem paragliding flight and soar like a bird over the lagoon.

Enjoy the thrill of tandem paragliding amongst the amazing scenery of the Island while you Tandem Paraglide with an experienced professional pilot.

An unique opportunity to fly over the most stunning island of the South Pacific!


Regular tandem flight : 55000 XPF or 560 USD
Price include a video of your flight recorded with a GoPro HD camera.

Or enjoy the experience of a simultaneous tandem flight, two paraglidings                                                   which fly at the same time. You are sure to be at a few ten meters away from                                                     the second tandem during the flight: 140000 XPF or 1438 USD                                                                                                                                                                                                    Price include two video of your flight recoded with à GoPro HD camera

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Tandem paragliding in Bora Bora

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